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Time Revolution First Treatment Essence


This is the third generation of an intensely popular product that's been widely marketed as a SK-II Facial Treatment Essence dupe (both of which are known for their fermented yeast extract formulations)! It's since become one of Missha's most famous products, and gotten it's own cult following. 

  • Moisturising: an ion fermentation method of the yeast concentrate makes the essence fast-absorbing - it'll fill your skin with rich moisture within a minute!
  • Smoothness & Transparency: cleanses your skin, smoothens skin texture, and evens out skin tones 
  • Strengthen: contains fermented Himalaya violet barley which is an antioxidant that strengthens, moisturises, and delivers nutrients to the skin

The difference between the second and third generation: the third formulation is made up of 90% fermented yeast concentrate (opposed to 80% in the second formulation). This higher concentration has tested to be:

    • 142% more moisturising,
    • 119% more effective at smoothing the texture of skin, and
    • 182% more effective at brightening and evening out skin complexions

Essences are similar to serums, but they're more lightweight and hydrating. Essences add an extra layer of hydration, helping to keep your skin soft, supple, and make it glow! Remember to apply your skincare from the lightest to the heaviest!