Gentle Black Cleansing Puff
Gentle Black Cleansing Puff Gentle Black Cleansing Puff

Gentle Black Cleansing Puff


It's the simple things in life. 

Who knew something as simple as a good cleansing puff could make for such a happy skincare routine?

Use this puff to effortlessly finish up removing your cleansing oil, makeup, and leftover impurities such as flakey dead skin cells. 

The soft cleansing puffs are used in conjunction with:

  • Cleansing oils 
  • Foaming cleansers
  • Facial soap

How to use:

  1. Apply oil using dry hands to your dry face / apply foaming cleanser to skin / apply facial soap to skin
  2. Dampen and soak your puff in warm water 
  3. Wipe puff over skin until the cleanser (oil/foam/soap) is all removed
  4. Squeeze out and re-soak with warm water as needed