Hibiscus Smoother Pads
Hibiscus Smoother Pads Hibiscus Smoother Pads Hibiscus Smoother Pads
Unbound Lab

Hibiscus Smoother Pads


Fresh new K-beauty from the upcoming minimalist brand, Unbound Lab. Unbound Lab is cruelty-free brand and uses all natural formulations. 


These dual-sworded and dual-embossed peeling pads are drenched in a pink-hued Hibiscus flower extract. Making up 88%, you’ll have natural non-drying AHAs for your skin all the way through. 

  • Smooth & tone textured skin
  • Soft & supple skin
  • Prevent and eliminate dry skin & white heads
  • Gentle daily exfoliating formula with pH 5.5-6.0
Notable ingredients: hibiscus flower extract, xylitol, pha

Use it: 

  1. After your cleansing routine, take a peeling pad and wipe over your skin using the embossed side
  2. Flip over for the smooth side and repeat, patting away any excess product 
  3. Continue with your skincare routine
  4. Recommended once a day use at night. Suitable for using twice a day - if used in daylight, follow with SPF coverage

Formulated for sensitive skin and suitable for all other skin types. Unbound Lab products are all free of parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. Dermatologist tested. 

70 pads / 150 mls