LJH (Leegeehaam)
Vita Propolis Serum

A little glass pottle of glowy dewy goodness.

I'm your go-to for a radiant and dewy glow. Dull, flakey or sensitive skin, I got your back!

LJH's (Leegeehaam) internationally best-selling multi-tasker, powerfully packed with a revitalising formula. It's a lightweight serum that'll:

1. Give you a radiant & dewy glow 

2. Sooth any irritated skin and smoothen your skin texture 

3. Brighten and give you more of that youthful bounce to your skin 

I'm also paraben, silicone, colorant, alcohol and mineral oil free + suitable for acne-prone skin. Bottle packaging has been renewed, grab this original for a steal!