Welcome to our online store based in New Zealand, focusing on harder-to-get Korean Skincare and a selection of "K-Beauty Alphas" 〰️


Hello! My name is Sammi and I started Nashi Lab K-Beauty in 2016 after my trip to South Korea where I walked the university streets in Hongdae, road-tripped from Seoul to Busan and lived with my friend and her family. I fell in love (yes, corny) with the culture, atmosphere and pace of the country and wanted to bring a little back home in New Zealand. 


When Nashi first started, it was a project to make the latest blockbusters available across the ocean and it was about having a finger on the pulse. Reflecting on 2020, we've taken a step back and hit pause.  


We've re-launched (yes, it's been a hot minute!) with a new collection of Korean Skincare that we'll continue to build upon, stocking:

1. Harder-to-get brands that are winning strong-holds in the K-Beauty community, as well as 


2. Selection of tried and trusted "K-Beauty Alphas" which are classics and favourites that have won us over.Some of the first are on their way to join the latter... we all started from somewhere!


Our mission is to try and take one step at a time to create a collection that resonates with us, whether it be a brand's values, a product's formulations or the community's stories. 


It's a brand new year to feel ready and take on the world, day by day. Live well, smile more, breathe. You got this.


Sammi xo


Live well, smile more, breathe. You got this.